September 10, 2009

New York Ambiance

The sound of a car alarm repeatedly set off by the guy coming down of oxy who keeps trying to get into his car and miserably failing.

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September 9, 2009

What the Fuck?

Anthrax here, I just woke up from a six month bender, and I noticed that I scribbled out some mumbo jumbo about income taxes. Well I don’t know where I pulled that out of, but let me tell you something about Mr. Tao and income taxes ok? He doesn’t pay them. At all. It’s pretty easy when you have no income, but that’s another story entirely.

So where have I been? Where have we been? Well, we’ve been busy figuring shit out. The good news? We’re back. With a vengeance. Annnnd we figured some shit out. Expect more work to appear on this website, and expect it to be true to the original vision. This is the only place on the web to come to for the truth. Can’t you tell that from our title?

That’s right, Mr. Tao and his buddies are going to get back into the truth business, so watch out world cuz here comes a new dead baby joke:

What’s sexier than a pile of dead babies?

Anthrax out!

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May 14, 2009

Solo una candella bellissima

Enter the light the space the moment.

Eternal love is light. Our selves are mostly empyt space perceived color; read, matter is a light layer, a filter, a prism of eternal light.

Everyone is on time. They are all doing exactly the lessons they assigned themselves at school. Life gives hope and a purpose to follow our passion. Don’t worry, you can’t avoid your passion. You have never missed a lesson. You’re right on time.

Connecting with people creates an inlet to my heart. By focussing my energy on a relationship, the flow to my heart increases. Be not miskaten, you can throw logs and boulders in there, you can construct damns, you can freeze it into ice or even poison it, but *The Flow No Go Go*. Eternal love is our creation, it is our masterpiece.

Do not work for money when money will so willingly work for you. Your profesion gives you earned income to invest in assets that will pay you income at a lower tax bracket than earned income. Do work for education, do work for growth.

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am i here now?

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yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am

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April 25, 2008

How to End the Inevitable (How I died)

Step one.

Identify the Inevitable; They are usually large.  And they don’t like to get pushed around.

Step Two.
Look the inevitable strait in the eye.  Scream, “FUCK YOU! DIE!”

Step Three.
Offer the part of yourself that is you but is not attached to you a cup of tea.

The air in front of you will gladly except it.

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December 30, 2007

A chill reflection upon the surface of the lake of the internets

The spectrum of available information is really quite wide these days, and unless you grow up rooted in some kind of serious tradition, be it sacred or cultural or purely an invention of your immediate family, you are bound to have some pretty strange ideas about the world. Our general outlooks on life can be so different, even though we may spend lots of time interacting, which is a big change from really any other time in history that I can think of. You can go on the internet and nine times out of ten find whatever it is you are actually already looking for, which is a feat already. But what about those times when you find some shit so weird that it makes you question whether or not the shit is real? Let’s face it- the internet is killing truth. Whatever you claim to be true, I can find evidence for the opposite argument. Not that that actually makes it any more true or false- it just demonstrates the relativity of our understandings of the world around us to the world around us.

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